Ecological sensitive and socially integrated real estate development


Develop in Concert

Twenty-One Parcels is quantamental real estate development limitada operating in Costa Rica. We subscribe to comprehensive development strategies. Our development model weights all stake holder needs and we produce results for ourselves, our investors, the ecology, the local population, and nearby indigenous peoples.


Our Pledge

Carbon Negative

Going Beyond Carbon Neutrality

We are committed to the United Nations Global Compact, and, as of January 1, 2023, Twenty-One Parcels will be a participating member in the Compact.
Our goal and our responsibility is to leave an area in better condition than we found it; to give back to the world more than it gives to us. 21P is actively pursing a strategy that will be implementable worldwide to protect the canopy.
To manage our environmental impact, 21P utilizes eco-friendly practices and environmentally-friendly technologies. To mitigate climate change, we reduce our energy use and carbon emissions wherever we can, and we purchase carbon emission offsets where we cannot eliminate. The sustainable use of natural resources is key, which is why reforestation is part of our property development planning. We are working to go beyond achieving net-zero carbon emissions; our aim is to offset 110% of what we produce by removing additional carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere.


Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

In addition to our environmental efforts, Twenty-One Parcels promotes human rights principles and supports social issues, with the end goal of achieving an inclusive, equitable society. We believe that every business is a corporate citizen, obligated to support and improve the local communities in which it operates, keeping social and environmental aspects at the core of its decision-making.
Our impact on people and the planet, together with the financial bottom line, determines our strategic priorities. We accomplish the most positive results both for our investors and for our communities when ethics are paired with professionalism.
We are committed to local improvement projects and will continue our investment in them; please see the section below, “Giving Back to the Community,” for details about our involvement with the Nosara community.